Terms & Conditions

UPDATE - August 4, 2015


am currently in the process of updating my polices on use, etc. If you have any questions please contact me and I’ll get back with you as soon as possible.  Also, these policies are subject to change at any time.   Below is my first update:

The prices are for personal and small business use (up to 100 of an image).  If you anticipate, hope to, or are pretty sure you are going to sell more than 100 of an image please purchase a license which is available.


My artwork is available to create digital printable files for personal and/or commercial use.  All image files must contain enough of your own artwork so that the image can be considered a new unique design.  All files must be flattened, not available in layers, and not on light or white solid backgrounds.  Acceptable file types are JPEG and/or PDF.  All digital files can only be sold for personal use.

What you must do:

You must change the image so that it will be transformed into a new unique image

You must flatten your creation when it is finished

You must sell only JPEG or PDF versions

You must sell your creations for personal use only

What you cannot do:

No image can be made available as is, it must be changed to create a new image

No image can be made available on a solid light or white background

No image can be made available in layers

No image can be resold as is

No image can be sold for commercial use

By "changing the image" I'm not referring to changing my image itself, I am referring to what surrounds, is behind, in front of, overlapping, etc.

If you have any questions please contact me and I’ll get back with you as soon as possible.

END OF UPDATES SO FAR, more to follow soon.




Our Products are for Personal and Professional crafting use. However, all images remain copyrighted by us. For questions concerning licensing please contact us here.

  1. We retain all copyrights on all products, and all rights related to the original copyright. By purchasing our products, you are purchasing the right to use them for personal use only, subject to the following conditions.
  2. Our Products are intended for small businesses or individuals who make handmade crafts, cards, labels, tags, scrapbook layouts, etc. The products may be used to make such finished original products in unlimited quantities for personal use as long as the items are handmade and properly marked with the graphic source, as indicated below. Other types of use are addressed within these terms.
  3. The products may not be altered or changed in any manner without our prior permission. You MAY do the following, however, consistent with these terms of use:
    • Use only a portion of a larger original image, provided that the portion is itself a complete image when removed from the larger original image.
    • Remove the white background from an image and replace it with a transparent background. You may NOT share the original image or the image with the transparent background, however. If you decided to store the image in a "tubed" form, it can be for your use only, and neither the tube nor the tubed image may be shared.
    • Make a backup CD of our products that you have purchased, and in fact, we recommend this!
    • Use the purchased products in original projects and layouts and share those finished original projects, subject to the following conditions:
    • You must place a link back to our site, www.oliviaandco.com, and indicate that the original artwork is copyrighted. Such notice may be placed on the electronic version of project or layout itself, or in the credits for an item placed in an online gallery or submitted for any type of publication.
    • If the project or layout is printed and/or assembled and given or displayed in a 3-dimensional physical form, then you may place the notice on the project or layout itself, or on an attached card or tag.
    • The notice must be in a color and type large enough to be read easily, though if placed on the project or layout, it may be positioned on the project or layout so that the notice least interferes with the aesthetic appearance of the project or layout.

      An acceptable form of notice is as follows:
      Original artwork © Olivia Kneibler

  4. Purchased products may not be made directly available to others, in whole or in part, via download from any web page or via any newsgroups, electronic forums, email or email lists, or any other electronic or physical means, including copying to disk, tape, CD, DVD or any other format for provision to another person.
  5. You may NOT use our original products:
    • To add to or to be used as any collections of graphics or printables intended for distribution by any means.
    • To create products to sell on sites such as Cafepress, Zazzle and the like.
    • On any website or in email stationery, as individual images or otherwise as part of any creation of a website or email stationery, without prior permission. Please contact us at the address indicated below to obtain such permission, which shall be considered on a case by case basis. You may, however, put examples of finished projects you've created using our products on your website, provided that proper credit and notice is given as indicated above.
    • To create or distribute, whether or not for profit, email signatures or "tags", without complying with the conditions in these terms. You may not claim or sign the finished artwork as "yours" (such as, "Tagged by"), without identifying the source of the artwork used, nor otherwise give a false impression that you possess a valid license or copyright to the artwork. If you distribute the tags, regardless of whether you economically benefit from such distribution, you must apply for a commercial license.
    • To digitize any image for use in electronic embroidery, or to create any project or layout through any type of mass-production, regardless of the intended form of distribution, unless you have obtained a written licensing agreement for commercial use of the products. This requirement applies even if you do not economically profit from such distribution. An exception to this requirement is for projects shared electronically in our sites' email list, chats, and other officially sponsored activities. If you desire a license for commercial use of any of our products, or have any questions regarding permissible use of our products, please contact us at the address provided below.
    • In any other manner inconsistent with these terms of use, or in any manner that otherwise violates the original copyright or places our products in any jeopardy of violation of the original copyright by any person.
  6. You may not give or otherwise transfer to anyone the right to use our products in part or in whole, including anything that contains any portion of our products, without express written permission. Requests for such permission will be handled on an individual basis.
  7. While we will try to resolve any issues you may have with our products, we follow the same standard as other internet businesses and do not give refunds on downloaded items.
  8. Any and all licenses for use shall terminate automatically without prior notice if you fail to comply with any terms of use. Any membership currently in effect shall also immediately terminate, and may not be renwed. Upon termination, you must immediately stop using the images, and destroy any and all copies of any images. OAC also reserves the right to recover from you damages for, but not limited to, any loss of sales, profits or goodwill caused by your failure to comply with these terms or any other additional wrongful acts, including those associated with use of graphics sold at OAC, especially any moral rights of the artist involved.
  9. If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns please feel free to contact us as follows:

 These Terms of Use are subject to change at any time, and apply to any purchaser or user of graphics from this website. Please check this page regularly for updates.