Going Buggy

Going Buggy
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Going Buggy is a 22 piece set of whimsical bugs with emotions, from happy to mad.

This set includes:

2 bugs that are very unhappy with each other in the middle of an argument, their colors are black, blue, red and green

2 happy bugs who are jumping for joy, surrounded with stars and confetti

2 sweetly colored bugs who love each other, possibly best friends

1 bug with a big question mark on his chest

1 happy, carefree little bug just buzzing around blissfully

7 words or phrases - attitude, happy, whoopie, say what?, huh?, I don't even think so!, and love

3 swirl papers - green,  pink and yellow

1 green circle frame with pink flowers and the word love

1 pink heart

1 green leaf  perfect for bugs to sit on or ride on in the wind

1 paper of grass and sky

1 pink circle frame with the word love

1 circle frame compsed of the word love

1 border


If you are opting for the license please read the Terms & Condititions page.  During check out add a note in the provided area to let me know your intended use and site address if applicable.

File Type:  png for images and jpg for papers

DPI:  300

File Size: 9.64 MB

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