Funky Bathroom

Funky Bathroom
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Funky Bathroom is a 39 piece set of whimsical fun bathroom related images.  I've used both actual photographs and painting to create the textures of the images.  Creating the set in this way gives it a whimsical and modern feel.   I hope you enjoy this set as much as I did creating it.

This set includes:

 2 sets of shampoo and conditioner 

 1 multicolored toilet brush

 2 towels - pink and teal 

 1 back scrubber in blue and green

 2 wash cloths - pink and teal

 1 weaved basket in brown

 2 hanging lights - metallic and pink/teal

 1 old fashioned bath tub

 2 metallic shelves - short and long

 1 toilet

 2 vanity lights - metallic and wood

 1 sink with gold fixtures

 2 swirly chairs

 1 squirt bottle of hand soap

 2 dotted bathrobes

 1 green clothes hamper with flowers

 1 gold swirly metallic mirror

 1 pink hair blow dryer

 1 gold metallic mirror picture frame

 1 multicolored rug

 1 window with sky and bushes

 1 metallic corner trim

 1 window with curtains picture frame

 1 toilet paper holder free standing

 1 wall with teal tile and carpet

 1 stick figure girl in towels

 1 green wall with multicolored tile floor

 1 set of shelves filled with stuff

 1 set of 3 metallic picture frames



If you are opting for the license please read the Terms & Condititions page.  During check out add a note in the provided area to let me know your intended use and site address if applicable.

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