Feng Shui

Feng Shui
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Feng Shui  is an original realistic yet stylized clipart  set.  You'll find images for the different baguas, cures, and much more.   This set is filled with good chi and energy so have fun with it and use it in some of your party invitations, scrapbook pages and crafts. 

A great idea might be to make a fill in the blanks book with these images.  This would be something to keep and treasure for years to come and helpful as well.

This set includes:


1 white on black 12 x 12 paper with the trigrams and the words feng shui

1 12 x 12 paper of the 5 elements - fire, earth water, wood, metal and 3 coins

1 family bagua - a framed portrait of a family unit, mother, father and child

1 prosperity bagua - bills and coins with the dollar symbol

1 love bagua - 2 pink hearts tied together with a bow

1 travel bagua - luggage with tickets

1 fame bagua - a trohpy cup with stars and streamers

1 knowledge bagua - a book resting on a column

1 health bagua - a stethascope with a bottle of vitamins

1 children bagua - an infant wrapped in a yellow blanket

1 career bagua - a laptop computer with a portable file folder

1 antique feng shui compass in a brown copper color

1 octagon mirror with the trigrams in red and green

1 image of the 3 coins held together with a red ribbon

1 black and white yin yang symbol

1 icon for fire - a pink candle

1 symbol for the creative cycle

1 black and white basic bagua layout

1 chinese for feng shui in red

1 chinese for chi

1 border with the creative cycle


If you are opting for the license please read the Terms & Condititions page.  During check out add a note in the provided area to let me know your intended use and site address if applicable.


Exclusively licensed for embroidery digitizing, other licenses are still available.

File Type: png format except for the papers which are in a jpg format.


DPI:  350


File Size:  16.9 MB

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