Fantasy Living Room

Fantasy Living Room
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Fantasy Living Room is a 24 piece set of whimsical and fashion oriented illustrations.  This set is all about the living room and is filled with funky, cool items to fill it up....  Enjoy!

This set includes:

1 purple sofa/couch with blue cushions, overstuffed and swirly

1 blue arm chair with a purple cushion

1 purple footstool with a checked border and  beaded dangles

2 mosaic tables with yellow tops - coffee table, end table

1 floor plant stand with a flowering plant

1 pink dotted vase of yellow daisies

1 blue vase with an exotic arrangement of flowers - daisy, tulip, rose

1 yellow and pink scalloped frame with roses

1 square blue checked frame with corner swirls

1 TV frame

1 yellow scalloped oval frame with pink swirls and green/blue checks

1 beaded floor lamp with a yellow shade

1 yellow table lamp with pink shade

1 multicolored and multipatterned clock - totally cool

1 old fashioned telephone but in cool colors

1 square design in blue and purple with swirls

1 yellow paper (or wall covering) with a blue and purple pattern

3 pillows - green with swirls, round with scallops, yellow with dots

3 candles on holders in various styles and heights


If you are opting for the license please read the Terms & Condititions page.  During check out add a note in the provided area to let me know your intended use and site address if applicable.

File Type: png for all images except for the paper which is in a jpg format.


DPI:  300


File Size:  20.8 MB

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