Christmas Tinys

Christmas Tinys
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Christmas Tinys is a 22 piece set of adorable little watercolored children.  In this set you will find infants and toddlers all dressed up for Christmas. 

 This set includes:

 1 baby dressed as an ornament holding a star
 1 baby dressed in green with holly resting on top of the word Christmas
 1 girl with a head band made of red Christmas lights
 1 toddler with a giant bow on her head holding a small journaling block
 1 toddler boy sitting insdie of santa's stocking cap
 1 Christmas tree babe with his head inside of the star tree top
 1 baby resting against a light blue cross with a yellow ribbon, bow and holly
 1 tiny baby all dressed in red laying on holly leaves
 1 toddler boy dressed up as a reindeer with a red nose
 1 toddler dressed up as a striped candy cane
 1 baby sitting in a cup of coco with whipped cream on top of her head
 1 boy dressed up as santa's helper
 1 penguin
 1 infant holding on to a golden ribbon border
 1 border of poinsettas
 1 border filled with many things Christmas from a sled to a wreath
 1 blue scroll border/topper
 1 poinsetta with leaves
 1 yellow star with a red and green center
 1 holly berries with leaves
 1 green striped bow and ribbon supporting a red round ornament

 1 yellow ribbon border with holly and a star

These little babes are totally whimsical and will be so much fun to use in your Christmas creations for scrapbooking and other crafts.  Enjoy!

If you are opting for the license please read the Terms & Condititions page.  During check out add a note in the provided area to let me know your intended use and site address if applicable.


Exclusively licensed for embroidery digitizing, other licenses are still available.


File Type:  png


DPI:  300


File Size: 28.3 MB

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