Joining the membership entitles you to a small business license as long as you maintain an active OAC membership and agree to keep your membership active for a minimum of three months.  What does this mean to you?  Any artwork that you have previously purchased or are going to purchase at Olivia and Company will automatically be licensed to your small business.  You must still abide by all of the Terms & Conditions posted at OAC.  You may create and sell as many products as you like using my artwork as long as you hand make them all and make no more than 200 total per design (this does not include embroidery digitizing except for what is listed in the Art for Embroidery section).  You will no longer have to purchase a separate license for each piece of art.  If you decide to stop the membership then this license stops as well at that time.  This membership benefit is subject to change at any time without notice, however I will try to give as much advanced notice as possible if I decide to discontinue this.

You will receive 40-80 (or more) graphic related items from 1st of the month thru the end of the month (graphics, printables, scrapbooking elements and possibly more). I post images as the month progresses so by the end of the month all of the items will be on the membership page.  All of the items I add to the membership have been recently created and never posted anywhere before.
You must have an account at Olivia and Company in order to receive the membership benefits.  After signing up for the membership please email me to let me know you've joined.  I will change your basic account to a membership account.  The change to your account will be completed within 24 hours unless you join during the weekend in which case it might not be entered until the following Monday.


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The images here may be offered to the general public but at a higher price. As a member the average cost per item is $0.11 - $0.22 or less. A good example is what a background costs, $1.00 to the public but members receive it for the approximate cost of $0.11 - $0.22 or less, this is a huge savings.